listunspent ( minconf maxconf  ["address",...] )

Returns array of unspent transaction outputs
with between minconf and maxconf (inclusive) confirmations.
Optionally filter to only include txouts paid to specified addresses.
Results are an array of Objects, each of which has:
{txid, vout, scriptPubKey, amount, confirmations}

1. minconf (numeric, optional, default=1) The minimum confirmations to filter
2. maxconf (numeric, optional, default=9999999) The maximum confirmations to filter
3. "addresses" (string) A json array of bitcoin addresses to filter
"address" (string) bitcoin address

[ (array of json object)
"txid" : "txid", (string) the transaction id
"vout" : n, (numeric) the vout value
"address" : "address", (string) the bitcoin address
"account" : "account", (string) The associated account, or "" for the default account
"scriptPubKey" : "key", (string) the script key
"amount" :, (numeric) the transaction amount in btc
"confirmations" : n (numeric) The number of confirmations

> bitcoin-cli listunspent
> bitcoin-cli listunspent 6 9999999 "[\\"1PGFqEzfmQch1gKD3ra4k18PNj3tTUUSqg\\",\\"1LtvqCaApEdUGFkpKMM4MstjcaL4dKg8SP\\"]"
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "listunspent", "params": [6, 9999999 "[\\"1PGFqEzfmQch1gKD3ra4k18PNj3tTUUSqg\\",\\"1LtvqCaApEdUGFkpKMM4MstjcaL4dKg8SP\\"]"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'
Don't trust. Verify. Docs extracted from src/rpcrawtransaction.cpp#L196-L232.